Derrick K. Rollins, Sr.
Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011-2230

Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering           Department of Statistics
1033 Sweeney Hall                                                           2214 Snedecor Hall                
Phone: (515)294-5516                                                     Phone:(515)294-8192      

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Research Group:

The following lists of student worked with me in a variety of research projects:

*     Graduate Students
 Amanda Bell (Ph.D. Statistics program)  
Lucas Beverlin (Ph.D. Statistics program)
 Ralph Culver III(Ph.D. Statistics program)
Emmanuel Criner (M.S. Statistics program)
Erica Dawson (M.S. Statistics program)

*    Undergraduate Students
Mike Kalkhoff
Peggy Lee
Jennifer Schoborg

*    Previous Students
Swee Teng Chin (Ph.D. ChE Program)
Stevens Sade
Andrea Lowe
Josefina Utama
Eric Hald               

Kaylee Kotz(M.S. ChE Program) 
Dai-Trang Le (Ph.D. Statistics program)
Stephanie Loveland (Ph.D. ChE Program)
Ai-Ling Teh (M.S. Statistics program)

Scott Munhall
Aik Sam Low
Korin Reid  
Tamzin Gonzales
Bradley Cowan
       *    Research Group Pictures

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